PACKTRADE proposes a vast range of perfume glass bottles and caps, manufactured in the United Europe with our own exclusive moulds and aimed mostly at the medium and medium-high segment.

Each bottle is individually studied and designed along with one or more specific caps, thus offering unique aesthetic and technical profiles.


At the same time, we allow each client the opportunity to create new combinations, in line with her/his tastes, by matching our bottles with caps different than those originally designed for such bottles; it is very frequent, therefore, that our bottles and caps are also sold separately.


Careful monitoring of our warehouse results in our being ready to satisfy almost all orders for bottles directly from stock.Naturally we can offer our clients bottles decorated employing the latest decorative effects in vogue such as acid-etching, sand-blasting, coating, tampo-printing, screen-printing,hot-stamping, etc.


With regard to caps, given the wide range of colours we propose, the situation is of course a little more complex. At any good rate, the best selling colours are normally available ex-stock, while our well studied moulds allow us to fill practically any order most promptly.

Also caps are normally offered with the most advanced decorations, such as hot-stamping, metallization, tampo-printing, etc.

With our bottles and caps we supply also the usual accessories, all of them always made in the United Europe, such as spray pumps, cache-pompes, splash-closures, etc.

Our design team, moreover, carries out personalized projects starting from a model, a drawing or a simple idea from a customer, through to the study of relevant moulds and to the supply of all components on a "turn key" basis.


For some time now we have concentrated our attention also on the sector of room scenters that are having a great success all over the world.

Some of our bottles, such as QUEEN, SKYLINE, LUNA and SISSY, thanks to their design, their dimensions, their technical features, meet with a remarkable interest among room scenters using rattan sticks as well as among spray room scenters.

Also in this case, along with the bottles we can supply the usual accessories such as: tear-off alu seals, rattan sticks of superior quality, alu collars, spray pumps, overcaps etc.